Welcome To Tekkit

A Data Driven, Conversion Focused, Digital Marketing Agency Headquartered In Nova Scotia, Canada

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Data Driven, Conversion Focused

We're a small team of friendly, innovative digital marketing consultants with a passion for watching numbers go up. Bundle that with our technical expertise and the burning desire to drive results for our clients. That's the Tekkit Digital way.

What Tekkit Does Best

Digital Advertising

The true bread and butter of Tekkit. We are ads experts who love to show off our skills with measurable results.

Digital Strategy

Our focus is on paid search and pay per click ads as these yield the best results for you, however we're here to guide you while creating, and evolving, your complete digital strategy.

Technical Implementation

Our experts can help with anything from adding Google Analytics right up to implementating a custom-coded JavaScript solution using geolocation APIs through a Tag Manager.

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Is Tekkit Digital A Good Fit?

Tekkit Digital is here to help regardless of your budget or company size, but we believe we're the perfect fit for those with small marketing teams, or a single marketing manager, looking for a team of experts with industry competitive pricing at their disposal to help guide them in the vast digital advertising world. This is where Tekkit truly excels.

Not Quite Ready For Agency Help?

We understand that the decision to hire a marketing agency isn't to be taken lightly, and we appreciate having your consideration until you're ready. Until that time we have a digital marketing blog full of beginner, intermediate, and expert level articles to assist you in becoming an expert in digital advertising yourself!

Taking Digital Advertising In-House?

Then we recommend using our digital marketing blog to keep your staff up-to-date on the best practices regarding ads, strategy, and implementation. We'll continue to post high quality, authoritative content on the subjects that matter most to your team's digital strategy.

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