Putting YOU in front of your market!
    Social Media Marketing is a great way to develop intimate, meaningful relationships with your customers.


Social Networks have evolved from users keeping track of their friends into Content Networks; where the primary function is sharing content for engagement. Without Content, you don't exist!


There's 5 W's for a reason! I doesn't matter What you're doing on Social Media as much as Where, Why, When and to Who! Get in the right conversations with the right people and you haave your key!


Being active on Social Media platforms is a must, but to succeed you need to be consistent. Consistency keeps your users engaged, broadens your organic reach and keeps the conversion points coming!


Social Media relies on contet and relationships! Engaging with your fans is crucial, whether they post positively or negatively every interaction is an opportunity to go for the close!

What Makes Tekkit Social Media Different?

We understand that Social Media is tedious business, and if done wrong can be costly. With Tekkit Social Media you will have peace of mind knowing we follow trends and are always up to date on the latest marketing techniques to bring your brand MAXIMUM exposure!
- The Tekkit Team

Social Media Marketing Process

We take a look at your competition and your market to see what works and who you're up against!

Now it's time to create some content and schedule posts. Content is king and your fans want it!

Now that we know why, what, when, and where, it's time to answer the 'Who?'

Once your fans start responding to your posts it's time to convert! Get out there and chat!

Spread your wings with Social Media Ads!

  • Global Social Media Advertizing spend DOUBLED from $16 Billion US in 2014 to $31 Billion US in 2016
  • Facebook Desktop Ads have 8.1x higher click-through rates than normal web ads
  • Facebook Mobile Ads have a 9.1x higher click-through rate than normal web ads
  • 51% of all videos are watched on mobile devices, up 218% from 2014
  • 8 Billion videos are watched on Facebook per day

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Don't Worry, It's Our Business To Know These Things

A Basic Rundown

Social Media Marketing is basically the art of getting your content placed in front of your target audience. There's a shot-game & a long game here.

What Does It Take??

Social Media Marketing is a careful blend of Sharing Engaging Content, Boosting Posts, & Engaging with your fans! Endless Opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

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